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A Little Country Church With a Great Big Heart!

United Methodist Church

Mount Zion

“A tower was erected on the building by Clark Kincaid and Eldora Moran, to support the bell and that bell certainly has the most charming tone, which has sounded out for over 75 years, calling the people to this place of worship.”  Bailey Morgan, History of Mt. Zion Methodist Church, 1951.

Awaaayy back in 1875, when Clark and Eldora erected the steeple and hung the bell, Eldora carved a hand with the index finger pointing toward Heaven, and placed it atop the bell tower.  Decades later, the hand rotted away, and a second one was carved and placed by Denzel Haney.  That hand, too, gave way to the elements.  

But on May 13, 2013, a new hand was placed proudly atop the bell tower - pointing One Way to Jesus! - and the Mt. Zion Church tradition lives on!

Steeple Article.pdf


Click below to read the Times West Virginian article about the raising of the Hand!


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