Mt. Zion United Methodist Church is in the News!

From a Times West Virginian article,

December 2013…

Our thanks to Emily Gallagher, Reporter, Times West Virginian!

Pastor Claude Kinty

Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
Fairmont, WV

Mount Zion

United Methodist Church

A Little Country Church With a Great Big Heart!

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Mt. Zion United Methodist Church


Mt. Zion United Methodist Church is in the News!

February 11, 2014

We were pleasantly surprised to find our little church on the front page of the Morgantown Dominion Post today!  We dropped the Managing Editor, Pam Queen, an email of thanks, and inquired how we had attained such an honor.

Apparently, Dominion Post photographer, Bob Gay, happened to drive past Mt. Zion one day.  He thought it was a lovely little church and cemetery and stopped to take photographs.  When Bob got back to the office, he looked us up on the Internet and found this web site, from which he gleaned the information for the article.  

Pam writes, “Thanks for the kind email. One of our photographers, Bob Gay, found the church and took the photos for the inside photo page. During our Monday news meeting, we realized we wanted to put a couple of pictures and article on 1A as well. The information came from the church website, which we found full of good historical information.  Thanks again for the email and for reading The Dominion Post.”

To read the article and see the photo spread, click on the newspaper!  

Thank you, Bob Gay, Pam Queen, and all the folks at The Dominion Post!

Zion - Dominion Post 20140211.pdf

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